Do’s and Don’ts of Good Dental Health

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Maintaining good dental health would be a whole lot easier if your smile came with instructions. Guess what? A leading dentist in Smithfield agrees! Check out this nifty list of dental do’s and don’ts for help keeping your smile healthy and fabulous for the rest of your life. Do floss once each day and brush […]

NC Dentist Hears Your Cosmetic Concerns

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For dentists, creating the perfect smile is surprisingly similar to cooking a gourmet meal. It requires the careful selection of the best ingredients, using the proper combinations of flavors, and the creativity to produce something that others will enjoy. There is one other important requirement: listening. A top Smithfield dentist has found that the best […]

The Real Reason Dentists are Obsessed with Your Gums

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Your dentist likes you. You’re more than just another dental patient. You are a friend of the practice. So, why is it that he pokes and jabs you in the gums at every visit? Why is it that the hygienist lectures you about flossing and Sonicare toothbrushes every 6 months? It’s because your gums are […]