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A Peek into the Invisalign Secret Society

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It's a SecretInvisalign has become one of the most popular and well-known dental procedures of modern times. It is known for its ability to accomplish most of your orthodontic goals while virtually eliminating the issues that would typically deter you from getting braces in the first place. The experts at the Invisalign laboratories have done an excellent job of designing an appliance that is so discreet that you can barely tell who’s wearing them and who isn’t. In fact, maybe they’ve done their job a little too well. We know that lots of adults have improved their smiles with Invisalign—not just in the Smithfield area, but around the world—so who are they?

Invisalign Smiles are All Around You
Invisalign orthodontic appliances are so thin and so transparent that they just can’t be seen very easily when they are worn in public. As an additional benefit, the aligners can be removed during meals, flossing, and brushing. That’s why you’ll never see an Invisalign patient struggling through a meal or changing their oral hygiene habits in the same manner as a patient with traditional braces. You’ve probably never noticed that your coworkers, business partners, children’s school principal, or pharmacist is wearing Invisalign right now. As braces go, it’s clearly the best kept secret.

Celebrity Invisalign Smiles
Although you may not have noticed, these celebrities have opted to correct their orthodontic problems with Invisalign:
● Khloe Kardashian
● Justin Bieber
● Katherine Heigl
● Tom Cruise
● Gisele Bundchen
● Zac Efron
● Eva Longoria
● Serena Williams

It’s a Secret Society
You never know who has improved their smiles with Invisalign. You’ll only notice that great smiles are all around you and you’ll see fewer and fewer old-school braces out there. The secret society of Invisalign users is growing every day. If you’re ready to find out what Invisalign can do for you, contact a dentist in Smithfield for a personal consultation today.

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