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Cosmetic Dental Options

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Smithfield-NC-DentistCosmetic dentistry can change your appearance by enhancing your smile.  Your Smithfield NC Dentist can discuss your options and recommend the treatment that is best for you. Before you schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation, take a moment to explore some of the most popular options.

Whitening is one of the least invasive options given in cosmetic dentistry.  Many times just making your smile brighter and whiter can be very esthetically pleasing.  Teeth whitening is often accomplished with professional-strength whitening solution and custom trays made specifically for you.  Results are achieved within a short time frame and can be maintained by repeating the whitening process periodically. Often, patients achieve results that are several shades lighter.

Dental Veneers are placed over a prepared tooth surface, and are typically made of a porcelain or ceramic.  They are fabricated to match the shade of the adjacent teeth.  Many times veneers are used to conceal cosmetic flaws in one or more natural teeth.  Veneers can enhance the appearance of misshapen teeth, broken teeth, gaped teeth and crowded teeth.

To address the issue of missing teeth, implants are used to fill the open space created by a lost tooth.  Implants not only provide a cosmetic boost, but they also function just like your real teeth. Check with your dentist to find out if you may be a candidate for dental implants.

Commonly referred to as caps, dental crowns are common cosmetic treatment options for a number of conditions.  Crowns can enhance your smile while treating decay, replacing large dental amalgam fillings, or providing coverage for a broken tooth.  Crowns are also matched to your specific tooth shade to be undetectable even in close social settings.

If you would like to boost your self-confidence and maintain your oral health, a trip to your cosmetic dentist in Smithfield NC may be on your to-do list.  Call today to explore all of the options cosmetic dentistry has for you.

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