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Dental Care has Improved Dramatically

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dental care improved dentist smithfieldIf any aspect of modern healthcare has been in need of a makeover over the years, dentistry tops the list. Patients from previous generations can recall that dental care was dreaded and often avoided by people of all ages. Fortunately, things have improved dramatically in dentistry, and all it takes is one visit with a Smithfield NC dentist to see for yourself.

How has dentistry improved?

Dental care is more comfortable. The first thing that you may notice is that the environment in the dental office is more relaxing than ever before. There is music, soothing lighting, plush chairs, Wi-Fi, and even television. The dental team may even offer you water, coffee, and blankets to make you feel more at ease.

Pain is nearly a non-factor in the dental office. Modern dental anesthetics are faster-acting and more profound. Topical anesthetics can be used to numb the gum tissue prior to an injection, making this part of the procedure more pleasant for the patient. Plus, procedures like cleanings, impressions, and fillings are faster and more comfortable than they have been in the past. Many procedures can even be performed with high-tech lasers for optimal comfort and healing.

Dental materials and restorations have improved. Modern dental materials are safer, more realistic-looking, and they feel better, too. Metals are rarely used anymore, and most dentists are using zirconium and ceramics to create dental restorations that are more similar to natural enamel.

Digital technology has been embraced. Most dental offices are using digital x-ray sensors rather than the uncomfortable dental films that were once common. Biting down on the sensor is painless and the image can be captured in a fraction of a second. Plus, the resulting image is of superior quality, thanks to digital imaging. Many dental offices are almost 100% paperless, eliminating waste, protecting the safety of your personal information, and reducing the number of forms that must be signed at each visit.

To see dentistry’s dramatic improvements for yourself, call to schedule an appointment with a Smithfield NC dentist today.

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