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Dental Implant Surgery: What’s Involved?

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Cosmetic-Dentist-in-Smithfield-ImplantsIf you are thinking about dental implant surgery as an option for your missing teeth, consult with your Smithfield NC cosmetic dentist for an explanation of the procedure and its benefits.

Dental implant surgery will vary based upon your individual need and amount of bone present.  A complete oral exam, including radiographs, will be conducted by your dentist to ensure that the proper amount of bone is present before the procedure is started.

During the initial phase of surgery, the implant will be placed into the bone.  Time is needed for the implant to fuse with the bone.  Each implant case and the amount of time required for optimal healing varies.  For some patients, the implant will need to heal for several months before proceeding to the next phase of treatment.

A healing cap is placed over the implant or a cover screw may be used during the healing period.  After proper healing has been established, a dental crown or restoration can be fabricated. The restoration may be a single crown, bridge, or custom removable restoration.  These new, secure restorations can be matched to the natural shade of the surrounding teeth.

Generally, implant surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthetics and light sedation.

The information provided here is a basic explanation of the dental implant surgery process.  The implant surgery can be a multi-phased process lasting approximately 2-6 months or it can be completed in a single dental appointment.  Remember that each case is different and different time frames will apply.

A private consultation and a clinical exam are necessary to provide you with a more detailed treatment plan regarding your specific surgery and the recovery period. Thanks to advanced dental technology and digital imaging, the surgical procedure is safer, more comfortable, and more predictable than ever.

Schedule your visit with your cosmetic dentist in Smithfield NC today to learn more about restoring your smile.

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