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Dental Implants Revitalize Smithfield Smiles

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Dental ImplantMissing teeth aren’t just a nuisance. An incomplete smile can jeopardize your oral health, impact your overall health, and even impact your life span. Numerous studies have made it evident that what’s going on in your mouth can affect your whole body. In Smithfield NC, implant dentist Dr. James Oldham offers a tooth replacement solution that renews smiles, restores confidence, and changes lives. What is it? Dental implants.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Size

The actual implant is tiny. It’s a thin titanium post that fits in the jawbone where a tooth is missing. An implant may be small, but it packs a big punch, holding in place one or more replacement teeth to beautifully renew smiles. When placed in bone tissue (a procedure performed by our in-house oral surgeon), the implant initiates a process called osseointegration. During this process, bone and post fuse to form a strong, stable, and long-lasting foundation for replacement teeth.

Custom Implant Solutions

Dr. Oldham can attach individual implant crowns or a prosthetic containing multiple teeth to the implant posts. The dental implant solution that’s right for you depends on your individual needs. Do you need to replace one tooth or a couple of teeth? Are you missing an entire row of teeth? Does your current denture slip and slide around?

Dental implants can be a great solution for these problems and more. Individual dental implant crowns are fixed in place, meaning that they can’t be removed except by the dentist. Implant-supported dentures can be fixed or removable.

Boundless Benefits

One of the truly great advantages of dental implants is their ability to stop the jawbone loss that occurs as a result of tooth loss. To stay strong and healthy, the bone in your jaw depends on the chewing forces of natural teeth. When teeth are gone, the bone under those teeth is no longer stimulated. Dental implants transfer those chewing forces to the bone again to stop atrophy.

In addition, dental implants have the ability to last a lifetime with proper care. They restore chewing capacity so that you can eat what you want. Teeth provide support for facial structures, so dental implants eliminate that sunken-cheeked look that plagues people with multiple missing teeth.

With dental implants, you can live your life without worrying about your smile!

Experience the Freedom of Implants

Call Smithfield NC implant dentist Dr. Oldham today and find out how dental implants can revitalize your smile and your life!

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