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Is Your Dental Pain Caused by Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

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Cracked tooth syndrome can make your life miserable, but the condition can be tricky to diagnose. The symptoms – which include sensitivity to heat and cold and/or pain when biting or chewing – can vary in intensity and elusively come and go. You may experience tooth discomfort one day, only to have the pain subside the next. Or, your tooth may hurt only when you eat certain foods. The rollercoaster ride of symptoms isn’t just painful – it can be downright frustrating!

If you experience oral pain, it’s important to identify and treat the cause to minimize or prevent tooth, gum, and jaw damage. Smithfield NC dentist Dr. James Oldham will work with you to discover the source of your discomfort and determine whether you suffer from cracked tooth syndrome.

What is cracked tooth syndrome?

Cracked tooth syndrome occurs when teeth, primarily the lower back molars, develop tiny fissures that are virtually invisible to the unaided eye. In fact, the cracks can be so small that they don’t show up on X-rays. They develop on the surface of teeth, as well as under the gumline.

What causes cracked tooth syndrome?

Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw (a condition known as bruxism) can contribute to this condition, as can a misaligned bite that puts undue pressure on teeth. Large fillings and prior root canal therapy may weaken teeth and make them susceptible to cracked tooth syndrome. Left untreated, cracked tooth syndrome can result in tooth breakage, infection, and even tooth loss.

How is cracked tooth syndrome diagnosed and treated?

Dr. Oldham will examine your teeth to determine the location of the compromised tooth structure. This examination may include the use of special tools, magnification, and/or dyes to identify the cracks.

Treatments for cracked tooth syndrome include:

● A custom-made nightguard to prevent grinding and clenching
● A dental crown
● Root canal therapy
● Tooth replacement with an implant or bridge

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People with cracked tooth syndrome often have multiple teeth affected by the condition. Prompt treatment can alleviate pain and improve oral health. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with Smithfield NC dentist Dr. Oldham.

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