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Denture Users Now Have Dental Implant Options

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Those who wear dentures are facing a challenging situation every day. Dentures are a necessity when all of the teeth are missing, but they can be uncomfortable, ill-fitting and sometimes difficult to adjust. Your Smithfield NC cosmetic dentist provides an alternative that can be life-changing for many denture wearers.

In the first few months after a patient initially receives their dentures, their mouth undergoes major changes. The underlying bone that once supported teeth now has no tooth roots to support, leading to tremendous bone loss known as jawbone atrophy. As a result, a patient may need to make several visits to the dentist to have their dentures adjusted. A denture adhesive is often used to help ill-fitting dentures stay in place, but tends to be messy and aggravating to use.

If a patient still has an optimal amount of bone left after losing all of their teeth, dental implants may be the perfect option! These prosthetic devices resemble real teeth in terms of anatomy and great strength. A titanium post is embedded into the bone to simulate the missing tooth root and capped with a dental crown. Implants are permanent prostheses that eliminate all of the obstacles associated with keeping an ill-fitting denture in place.

While mouth full dental implants may not be the solution for everyone, a less costly and less invasive alternative is available. Dental implant-supported dentures require only two to four implants being placed in each dental arch. A removable denture is still worn, but it has attachment areas placed underneath the denture to connect with the implant posts. This keeps the denture in place without the use of adhesives. Also, the worry of having dentures fall out of place is eliminated. Dentures may still need to be removed for cleaning and sleeping, but it makes for a much more comfortable overall experience and fewer adjustments will be necessary.

If you have a denture that just doesn’t seem to be working for you, contact your cosmetic dentist in Smithfield NC to discover the implant option that is best for you.

2 Responses to "Denture Users Now Have Dental Implant Options"
  1. Rita Fulmer says:

    I have full dentures on top and a bridge on the bottom. I recently lost one of teeth that anchors the bridge. Also the dentures are ill-fitting, too big for my mouth and require a lot of adhesive. I need a consultation to see what can be done. Dental insurance thru Duke Energy Pension.

  2. Dr. Oldham says:

    Hi Rita,

    Thanks for commenting. Please call our office to schedule an appointment: (919) 934-4909.

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