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Dr. Oldham Helps Seniors Maintain Healthy Smiles

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They say that a fine wine gets better with age. If only that applied to teeth, as well! Over the years, seniors’ smiles can become susceptible to dental conditions that negatively impact oral appearance, comfort, and function. Smithfield NC dentist Dr. James Oldham wants to help you protect your smiles and keep your golden years … well, golden!

As We Age …

Oral health problems can increase. For example, tooth roots can start to decay as a result of a receding gumline. Gum recession can also contribute to increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages because portions of teeth are no longer protected by gum tissue or tooth enamel. Additionally, seniors may experience:

  • Dry mouth, typically caused by medications or medical conditions
  • Ill-fitting dentures
  • Reduced ability to taste foods
  • Gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss, diminished jawbone mass, and overall health degradation

The Causes

Some of these problems naturally occur as we age. Others are caused by medications used to treat medical conditions. Still, others result from dental prosthetics that don’t fit improperly. Arthritis in the hands and fingers can limit the ability to properly brush and floss. Sometimes, lifestyle habits such as tobacco use, can negatively impact oral health.

Dr. Oldham Can Help

The first step to a healthy smile is attending regular checkups and cleanings at our Smithfield NC dentist’s office. Twice-yearly visits may be all that you require. The doctor will work out a hygiene schedule based on your individual needs to properly address your oral healthcare concerns. At your checkup, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and discuss any issues you’re experiencing. He’ll review your oral healthcare habits and make recommendations, if necessary. Dr. Oldham and our team will help you combat dental issues that prevent you from having a healthy, attractive, and comfortable smile.

Don’t Hesitate

Discomfort is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. If you experience dental pain, schedule an appointment with Smithfield NC dentist Dr. Oldham right away.

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