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Is There a Tooth Fairy in the House?

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As a parent, you’ve got to wear many hats. You’re called on to be the doctor, the playmate, and sometimes even the tooth fairy. The job of the tooth fairy can be both tough, but you can relax.  Smithfield NC dentist, Dr. James Oldham, can guide you as you prepare for the loss of your child’s first tooth.

As you begin your new role, it helps to understand the basics about your child’s teeth. Generally, by the age of 3 years old, your child will have 20 baby teeth. Around the age of 6, the permanent teeth can be expected to push the baby teeth out to make room for new, grownup teeth. This process will continue until the early teenage years as the baby teeth are gradually replaced by permanent teeth.

As the permanent teeth come into position, the root portion of the baby teeth will begin to gradually dissolve. As more of the root structure disappears, the baby teeth are no longer supported by the bone, but rather by the gum tissue.

At this point both you and your child may share feelings of excitement mixed with a little nervousness. There could still be several weeks before the tooth actually falls out. As long as the situation is not causing discomfort, you should wait patiently as the natural exfoliation process takes place.

As the tooth becomes freely moveable, you may permit your child to wiggle it gently with a clean finger or the tongue. When the tooth feels very loose, you can help your child pull the tooth out with a clean tissue. It is very common to have a stubborn tooth removed at the dental office. This is typically the case when the permanent tooth has grown in and has begun to overlap the baby tooth.

If you have any questions or concerns, it is always okay to contact your dentist in Smithfield NC for help.

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