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James Oldham Helps Patients Find the Right Floss

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James Oldham Helps Patients Find the Right FlossFinding the Right Floss for You

You’ve heard it for years and probably from every dentist you’ve ever visited: flossing is a vital part of your dental hygiene routine. It is a quick step to add into your routine and easily becomes a habit if you stick with it, helping you fight bad breath, gum disease, and cavities. But has anyone ever explained the different types of floss? There are several that you can buy at your local supermarket or drugstore, each with specific purposes, so we’ll help you figure out which one is best suited for your teeth.

Unwaxed Floss: This type of floss is made out of nylon yarn strands twisted together. It is a great choice for teeth spaced closely together and can be found just about anywhere. If you’re new to flossing regularly, it may not be the best choice since it is more likely to break than waxed floss if not used correctly. If you want to perfect your flossing techniques, just ask our staff for a tutorial at your next visit!

Waxed Floss: This type of floss is also very common and easy to use, which makes it great for beginners. It is made exactly like unwaxed floss, with an added coat of wax for comfort and easy sliding between teeth. If you have very close teeth, waxed floss can be tough to fit between those spaces since the extra layer of wax makes the floss wider than its unwaxed counterpart.

Flavored Floss: Floss with a mint or cinnamon flavor is simply regular floss with a flavor coating on it. This is added to create an extra feeling of freshness, making it ideal for new flossers, younger patients and for those flossing on-the-go. The flavoring can help contribute to midday fresh breath if you are flossing at work or in between activities.

Dental Ribbon: Also known as Dental Tape, this type is similar to nylon floss but is wider and broader. This is best suited for teeth with wider spaces between them.

Floss Picks: These are tightly strung floss in a Y-shaped plastic tool. Floss picks are not quite as efficient as using long strands of nylon floss, but they can be very useful for older patients or patients who have a hard time manipulating the strands with their fingers. Picks are also a good solution for travel or on-the-go flossing since they only require one hand and can be discarded easily.

Oral Irrigator: Oral Irrigators, or Water Picks, may seem intimidating, but are easy-to-use and are very effective in removing food debris. These are more of an investment since you are buying an electronic dental device. They are ideal for patients with braces because traditional flossing methods can’t get past brackets and wires without damaging them.

Still have questions? Ask our staff at your next visit or by calling 919-934-4909.

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