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NC Dentist Hears Your Cosmetic Concerns

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Cosmetic concerns dentist SmithfieldFor dentists, creating the perfect smile is surprisingly similar to cooking a gourmet meal. It requires the careful selection of the best ingredients, using the proper combinations of flavors, and the creativity to produce something that others will enjoy. There is one other important requirement: listening.

A top Smithfield dentist has found that the best smiles are created when all of these factors are combined in perfect harmony. Your main concerns have been heard, and the results are in. Here are the most common concerns or requests regarding cosmetic dentistry:

  • Appearance: How will it look? Most of us want smiles that look realistic and natural. The teeth should be white but should not appear to glow in the dark. The cosmetic treatments should blend seamlessly with the natural teeth.
  • Cost: Is the treatment affordable? What are the payment options? How does the treatment fit into my budget? Some cosmetic procedures can require a substantial investment, so the dentist will ensure that you can expect a reasonable return on that investment. If the same outcome can be achieved in a more affordable way, the dentist will help you to explore your options while ensuring that you aren’t compromising in quality or safety.
  • Longevity: Quality dental procedures should hold up for a reasonable length of time. No procedure or material is indestructible, but the estimated lifespan should be considered in advance.
  • Pain: Beauty shouldn’t hurt and the dentist will go to great lengths to keep you comfortable. This means that your cosmetic materials and procedures are expected to produce minimal discomfort, minimal sensitivity, and should promote a quick recovery.
  • Length of treatment: How long will it take? Cosmetic dentistry is more efficient and effective than ever. Your time in the dental chair should be brief for most procedures. For maximum efficiency, the dentist will coordinate each phase of your care and help you to prioritize your treatment needs.
  • Conservative: No one wants to have their teeth drilled down to the size of a nub. Dentists aim to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible, and this conservative approach tends to align nicely with your expectations as well.

If you have other concerns about your cosmetic dentistry journey, contact a Smithfield dentist for a consultation today.

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