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Renew Your Smile with White Fillings

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Dream SmileUnfortunately, you’re never too old to get a cavity. But if you need a filling, you don’t have to settle for a dark, metal one. White fillings deliver outstanding results, functionally and aesthetically. Smithfield NC residents enjoy state-of-the-art dentistry at the office for Dr. James Oldham. He fills newly diagnosed cavities with tooth-colored fillings and replaces old metal fillings. White fillings from Dr. Oldham can make your smile look and feel like new.

The Problem with Metal Fillings

Old-fashioned metal fillings are actually a mixture of metals, including mercury. You’ve likely heard the debate about the safety of amalgam fillings. No matter which side you fall on with regard to this issue, here’s something we can all agree on: metal fillings deteriorate over time. The hot and cold foods and beverages we consume contribute to the contraction and expansion of metal fillings. This movement can result in tiny cracks that let bacteria invade the inner portions of a tooth and compromise tooth health.

Plus, metal fillings just don’t look very good. They mar an otherwise white smile and let everyone know that you’ve had dental work done.

The Wisdom of White Fillings

White fillings are different. They’re made from durable, easy-to-blend composite resin. The resin can be tinted to match your natural tooth color, so your filling blends seamlessly with your smile. Once bonded in place, composite resin won’t change shape. This structural integrity means that your tooth remains protected for the long term.

The process to place a white filling is virtually the same as placing an old-fashioned filling. The doctor will remove the damaged portion of your tooth, then tint and apply a small amount of composite resin. A curing light hardens the resin, and a final polishing makes your tooth look great.

Out with the Old…

If you have old metal fillings that you want to remove, let us know. Dr. Oldham can replace your outdated fillings with new, white ones to revitalize your smile.

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