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Smithfield Dentist Discusses Mouth Jewelry

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facial-piercingsOral piercing, also known as mouth jewelry, has become a popular fashion statement that helps some people to define themselves. It’s a trend that is especially popular in young adults. As a dental professional, your Smithfield NC dentist wants to make sure that you take a moment to consider the consequences of oral piercing before you make your final decision.

Following an oral piercing, there is the risk of a serious infection. Your mouth has more bacteria in it than anywhere else in your body, and any activity that breaks the lining of the soft tissues in the mouth can create the potential for an infection. In some severe cases, the infection can lead to swelling of the tongue, impaired speech, and a potentially blocked airway. To decrease this risk, cleaning your piercing will need to become a regular part of your oral hygiene regimen each day.

As you consider an oral piercing, remember that your jewelry can also increase your risk for an accidental injury. Nerve damage during the piercing process is always a possibility. This could cause permanent numbness or even uncontrollable drooling. It is also possible to damage your teeth and gums with the mouth jewelry. Playing with the jewelry by biting or chewing on it can lead to cracked teeth and broken fillings. During your routine dental exams, your dentist will look for signs of cracked or fractured teeth.

If you are considering an oral piercing, make a dental appointment in Smithfield today. It’s an important decision that is best made with professional guidance. If you have already chosen to pierce your tongue, lips, or cheeks, your dentist and hygienist can educate you on how to properly care for your piercing so that you can lower your risk of infections and potential damage to your teeth and gums.

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