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Smithfield Dentist Offers Tips for Longer-Lasting Cosmetic Dentistry

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Housewife Cleaning For a growing number of dental patients, cosmetic dentistry offers a new chance for an old smile. Whether dental problems and health problems have ruined your smile, or your smile just never seemed to blossom from the start, modern cosmetic solutions can offer a much needed second (or third) chance at a better smile. But, if you are trying to muster up the courage (and money) to have a cosmetic procedure done by a Smithfield dentist, you should know that the real work comes after you have left the dental office.

Here’s what you can do to enjoy longer-lasting cosmetic dentistry:

Clean around the margins-Plaque is most likely to build up wherever there are tiny crevices and hiding places around the teeth. The edges or margins of a dental crown, porcelain veneer, or a permanent bridge are especially susceptible to hidden plaque. If these areas are not cleaned carefully each day, tooth decay can develop, spreading under your new dental work and damaging the underlying natural teeth.

Healthy gums– The gums are an important source of structural support for the teeth. Together, the gums and bone create a solid foundation that must be kept healthy, stimulated, and free from debris. Focusing on the teeth but neglecting the gums is a sure way to let your cosmetic dentistry go down the drain.

Low stress-Your teeth are meant to take on a certain degree of stress and force, but too much pressure can lead to cracked teeth, fractured porcelain, receding gums, and loss of bone height. Chomping into ice, biting your nails, clenching your teeth, or failing to wear a protective mouthguard are common ways in which cosmetic dental work can be damaged.

Once you have invested in the perfect smile, it is important that you don’t leave the fate of your new smile to chance. You’ll need to commit a certain amount of time and energy to taking care of that investment. In doing so, your cosmetic dentistry will last much longer, sparing you from encountering a host of unexpected dental problems in the future.

For personalized cosmetic dentistry homecare instructions, contact a dentist in Smithfield today.

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