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Your Smithfield NC Dentist Explains Toothache Pain

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ToothPain2Unfortunately, you’ve probably experienced the pain of a toothache at some point in your life. The discomfort can sometimes be severe, disrupting daily life and making you feel miserable. Smithfield NC dentist Dr. James Oldham discusses common causes of toothaches and provides information on preventing them.

My Aching Tooth!

The pain caused by a toothache can take many forms. Sometimes, a toothache causes a constant sensation of discomfort. Sharp, piercing pain may also occur. Some folks experience an uncomfortable throbbing sensation when suffering from a toothache, while others only know they have a problem tooth when they bite down on it.

Swollen gums may be present around the aching tooth, and you might experience fever or a headache. An infected tooth can ooze pus.

Diagnosing Tooth Pain

It’s advisable to see your Smithfield dentist if your toothache lasts for longer than a day or two, is severe, or is accompanied by fever or an earache. A visual exam and a discussion of symptom type and duration can help Dr. Oldham uncover the source of your toothache pain. Diagnostic X-rays can prove useful, as well.

Toothache Causes

Common causes of toothaches include:

  • A cavity (the most frequent cause)
  • Tooth fracture
  • A cracked or damaged filling
  • Tooth abscess
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth grinding and jaw clenching

Preventing Toothaches

Practicing good brushing and flossing habits at home and visiting our Smithfield NC dentist’s office for regular checkups and cleanings can help eliminate the conditions that contribute to toothaches. Regular dental checkups also let Dr. Oldham examine the integrity of existing dental work to ensure that crowns, fillings, and other restorations are in optimal shape. He can assess whether you grind your teeth and identify issues that present a problem now or that may cause issues in the future if not addressed.

Our entire team is focused on your oral health and wellbeing. Call today for an appointment.

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