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Smithfield NC Dentist Offers Educational Photo Shoots

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Girl showing ipad tablet touchpad with dental photo of teethPictures at the dentist? I thought I was going for an exam, not Glamour Shots. Believe it or not taking digital photos of your face and teeth are part of a thorough exam. It is important to document your bite, existing restorations, cracks, chips, or wear on your teeth. A detailed exam includes photos so that you, the patient, can be informed of what’s going on in your mouth. When you choose a Smithfield NC dentist who takes digital photos, you can become more knowledgeable about your oral health.

Digital photos enable the dentist to provide a visual learning tool when showing patients fillings and crowns that need to be replaced due to wear, faulty margins, or decay that has formed along the margins. Recession of the gum tissue, worn enamel, and cracks in your teeth are also issues that you should be made aware of at your appointment.

Once the photos have been taken, the dentist can then show them to you on the computer monitor. The procedure that is recommended for each tooth will be explained in great detail. Because you are able to see the tooth and identify what the concern is, you’ll have a much easier time understanding the recommended treatment.

It is important for you to become educated about your dental health and the issues that may be affecting your smile. With digital photos you can become just that– an enlightened patient who has been empowered by the tool that was placed in front of you…a photo.

Call to schedule a complete and informative exam with a Smithfield NC dentist today. You can begin to receive the treatment that is best for you and you’ll learn lots of important information about protecting your oral health. So, smile big and have those pictures taken at your next dental exam. It will be the most interesting photo shoot of your life!

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