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Smithfield NC Dentist Offers Modern Options for Fillings

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Though it’s a very common dental procedure, when you hear the word “fillings” during your Smithfield NC dentist appointment, your visit may suddenly turn into a major question-and-answer session. Most of us haven’t had fillings done since we were kids, which may or may not evoke pleasant memories. Now, as an adult, you may have forgotten what the procedure involves, how it will feel, how will it look, and you might also be wondering how much it will cost.

Does insurance cover it?
How many fillings are needed?
How long will the fillings last?

The answers to these questions will depend heavily upon the type and size of the fillings that have been recommended for you. One thing is true: the silver fillings of the old days have all but been replaced by a variety of modern restorative materials.

Some of today’s dental-filling options include:

  • Composite resins and porcelain tooth-colored fillings: These strong and attractive restorations can be matched to the shade of your smile and then bonded into the opening that has been prepared in your tooth. These can be used to fill a new cavity or to replace an older silver filling. Composite and porcelain restorations can stand up to moderate chewing pressure, but are also attractive enough to be used on the front teeth.
  • Dental amalgam (silver) fillings: An older generation filling made from a combination of metals including mercury and silver. These fillings can last for decades, but are known to show signs of deterioration and discoloration, at which time they may be removed and replaced with a newer filling material.
  • Gold (inlays or onlays) fillings: A custom-shaped filling made from a combination of gold and copper. Gold is an outstanding restorative material that can sometimes be cost-prohibitive.

Most dental fillings are performed under local anesthesia and you should not expect to experience any pain during or after the procedure. Furthermore, today’s dental materials are stronger and more attractive than ever in history, so you can look forward to a healthy and beautiful smile for many years.

To find out if dental fillings are in your future, call your dentist in Smithfield NC to schedule an appointment today.

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