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Smithfield NC Dentist Offers Top 5 Halitosis Cures

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Bad breath is embarrassing, unattractive, annoying, and socially unacceptable. When it strikes, you’d like to have it disappear as soon as possible. But, what if this pesky problem becomes a regular occurrence? You can trust your Smithfield dentist to come up with the right answer. In fact, there are a few answers, and together you will determine which one is fitting for you.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a tongue-scraper. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing cannot be replaced, but scraping the tongue to release the food and bacteria that hide amongst the taste buds is absolutely essential. The taste buds on the back of the tongue, near the throat are the perfect hiding place for old food particles and bacteria.
  2. Keep your mouth and nasal passages moisturized both day and night to keep your breath fresh. Water is essential for fighting dry mouth and a humidifier can help to protect the sinus passages. Without the proper moisture levels, dry mouth and sinus problems can send your breath over the top.
  3. If disorderly breath is related to the foods that you have recently eaten, you might try counteracting the smell by eating odor-fighting foods. Chewing parsley, eating cranberries, or choosing sugarless gum can help to kill smelly bacteria and eliminate food odors.
  4. The smelly ketones that are released when you follow a low-carb diet can only be counteracted when your body is able to burn carbohydrates, but choosing the right carbs is the smart way to preserve your waistline as well as your breath. Choose complex carbs like fruits, whole grains, and vegetables rather than frosted doughnuts and sweets.
  5. Don’t overlook your health in the search to cure halitosis. Taking the steps to control Diabetes, GERD, or other chronic diseases can resolve bad breath that is systemic in nature.

Get in touch with a dentist in Smithfield today for more help in curing the problem of halitosis.

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