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Smithfield NC Dentist has the Tools for a Custom Smile Makeover

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Improve Smile After SmokingA healthy foundation is the perfect beginning for a beautiful new smile. If you’re ready to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry, start by scheduling a full examination with a Smithfield NC dentist to ensure that gum disease and tooth decay won’t be a problem. To get you off to a healthy start, a professional teeth cleaning and dental fillings may be recommended. Once healthy foundation has been established, it’s time to dive into your cosmetic dentistry options!

Professional teeth whitening is the perfect solution for patients who desire a fresher, whiter smile. By eliminating the discoloration caused by coffee, wine, smoking, medications, and aging, the teeth whitening procedure safely rejuvenates your smile. When performed properly, there is no damage or harm to the gums and enamel. The whitening procedure can be repeated as needed to maintain a fresh, youthful appearance.

We can improve the shape and appearance of individual teeth or several teeth with beautiful porcelain veneers and crowns. Worn or chipped teeth can be reshaped, uneven spaces can be closed, and your smile can be made to appear straighter and whiter with these highly-customizable restorations. Veneers are typically recommended for conservatively treating the front teeth and crowns provide complete coverage for the front or the back teeth.

Missing teeth can spell disaster, even when the remaining teeth are healthy. Replacing them with dental implants and a bridge will enable you to regain a complete smile, more efficient chewing, and long-term support for the rest of your teeth. Both tooth replacement options can be designed to look like real teeth and fit comfortably.

Cosmetic dentistry is often employed when patients desire a nicer smile, but many of today’s cosmetic procedures are also designed to strengthen your teeth for better function and longevity.

Find out how investing in quality cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for your confidence and for your health by scheduling a consultation with a dentist in Smithfield NC today.

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