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Specialized Dental Services in One Location

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Running short on time?

Running short on time?

Kids, pets, work, home, and the other important things in your life may make you feel as if you’re constantly running from place to place just to accomplish the tasks of daily living. At the dentist’s office, you don’t want to hear that you need specialized care that requires a trip to yet another office. And you won’t hear that from Dr. James Oldham. That’s because we bring the specialist to you at our Smithfield dentist’s office.

We Make It Easy

Dr. Oldham provides an extensive range of services to meet virtually all of your dental care needs. From routine checkups and cleanings to complex restorative dentistry, we’ve got you covered. To deliver the customized care that you deserve, Dr. Oldham may refer you to a specialist. However, this is one referral that won’t send you someplace else. That’s because we have a specialist right here in our office.

In-house, specialized care is just one of the ways that we respect your time and care about your oral health.

Specialized Services

Some of the services performed by our in-house oral surgeon include wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement, complex extractions, and other procedures that are best suited to the skills and experience of a specialist.

By bringing the specialist to you, we potentially save you time and frustration. For example, if you choose to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, the process involves a surgical procedure to put the implant posts in your jawbone followed by the attachment of replacement teeth. Implant placement is typically performed by a specialist, while attaching the replacement teeth is a procedure that Dr. Oldham performs. At our Smithfield office, you’ll experience what we feel is the best of both worlds: specialized care from an oral surgeon in an office in which you’re comfortable and by a team that understands your needs. We deliver the care you deserve in one location.

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