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Sports Drinks and your Dental Health

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Smithfield-NC-Cosmetic-DentistSports drinks are a tasty and refreshing way to rehydrate after a long workout, but can they also cause harm to your teeth? We all know that soft drinks can increase the risk of cavities, but did you know that sports drinks can cause cavities as well? When you visit your cosmetic dentist in Smithfield NC, be sure to mention your sports drink habits to find out how they may be affecting your teeth.

It’s a popular belief that sports drinks are a healthy alternative to soft drinks. While sports drinks do provide electrolytes to the body to aid in rehydration, consuming these drinks too frequently can be extremely damaging to your teeth, putting you (or your children) at a much higher risk for cavities. An increasing rate of cavities and dental decay has been seen in those who consume sports drinks on a regular basis, especially in teenagers.

Sports drinks contain a high level of acid. Acid is known for its weakening effects it has on enamel, causing it to demineralize. As enamel becomes demineralized, it becomes softer and more prone to decay. Just like soft drinks, sports drinks contain high levels of sugar. Along with demineralization, sugar can cause erosion of the enamel. Once enamel erodes away, the inner layers of the teeth will be exposed, which can cause extreme sensitivity or even pain. When enamel erodes away, there is no
getting it back! As a result, cavities can occur that may require extensive treatment.

A great way to keep your body hydrated during physical activity is to drink water! Water does the same job as sports drinks without exposing your teeth to acid and sugars. If putting down the sports drinks is something you just can’t seem to do, make sure you always keep water nearby to drink or rinse with after consuming a sports drink. This will aid in washing away sugar and acid left on your teeth from the drinks. It is also important to practice meticulous oral hygiene habits to minimize your risk of cavities.

To learn more about how sports drinks may be affecting your teeth, contact your Smithfield NC cosmetic dentist today for a checkup.

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