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The Importance of Plaque Control during Orthodontics

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Smithfield-NC-DentistGetting braces is an exciting time. You can start to look forward to the beautiful smile that will be the end result.  But, having braces is a big change.  It can make cleaning your teeth more time consuming and difficult.  With all the new additions to your mouth, like brackets and wires, you may feel discouraged about your new dental home care challenges.  However, it is very important to brush and floss after every meal and pay more attention to plaque control than ever, and you’ll thank yourself for it later.  Your Smithfield NC Dentist can help to keep you on track during the orthodontic process.

Plaque is a matrix of bacteria that remains around your teeth unless you remove them by brushing and flossing.  Plaque really loves braces.  The wires, brackets and bands used in traditional orthodontics can be a breeding ground for bacteria.  If not cleaned properly, you may experience gum disease, bone loss and cavities.

Even though cleaning your braces can be hard, it is not impossible.  You should always brush above the bracket, below the bracket with the bristles toward the gum line and flat on the bracket.  Don’t forget to get the back and top of each tooth, too.  Flossing can be a little more challenging.  You will have to thread the floss under the wire and then use it to clean between the teeth.  Always make a C-shape around each tooth and scrap the plaque off with the floss.

Having braces can really change your smile.  Having great plaque control will make the experience even better.  Your cosmetic dentist in Smithfield NC wants you to enjoy a smile that is both attractive and healthy.  For help in maintaining a beautiful smile during your orthodontic treatments and after, call to schedule a one-on-one appointment today.

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