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There’s No Substitute for Scissors

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Strong, healthy teeth are important to your overall health and the general quality of your life. You need them to grind up the food that you eat. They help you to pronounce words as you speak. Your teeth also come together to make your smile look great. Your teeth have a lot of work to do, but their job description does not include imitating scissors and other tools.

In a moment of desperation, we have all been tempted to use our teeth to open a bottle or tear into a package. Unfortunately, these habits can damage your teeth and require the help of your Smithfield NC dentist.

There are other common habits that should also be avoided as they are potentially harmful to your teeth. Chewing on pencils, pens, and other hard objects should be avoided rather than risk fracturing a tooth or puncturing the gums. These objects could also break off unexpectedly, creating a choking hazard.

Very hard or brittle foods like ice, popcorn kernels, and hard candy are also more likely to chip or crack your teeth.

As you might expect, a cracked tooth can be a huge inconvenience. In addition to the potential for pain, procedures such as root canals and crowns may be necessary in order to save your tooth.  In some cases, it may not be possible to save the tooth at all.

To preserve your precious smile, always grab the scissors or a bottle opener instead of using your teeth. If chewing on hard objects has become a habit for you, recruit friends and family members to remind you when necessary. You may also find that chewing sugarless gum helps to break the habit.

You can protect your teeth and preserve your smile by letting your teeth perform only those duties for which they were designed. In the unfortunate event that you suffer a fractured tooth, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist in Smithfield NC right away.

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