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Tooth Sensitivity after Dental Fillings

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Tooth Sensitivity after Dental FillingsMild to moderate tooth sensitivity after having a dental filling is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, any dentist in Smithfield will warn you that a tooth can feel a little sensitive for a day or so after having dental work done. However, if you are still unable to chew comfortably on the tooth or it the tooth is still sensitive to cool temperatures after several days with no signs of improvement, it’s important that you let your dentist know.

Avoid the temptation to ‘just deal with it’. There are 2 common explanations for tooth sensitivity after dental fillings, and neither of them will just go away on their own, but both can be resolved when you bring it to your dentist’s attention.

Bite adjustment. After the filling is placed in the tooth, it must be adjusted so that the teeth still fit together evenly. During your appointment, you might be asked to bite up and down on a small piece of blue paper so that the dentist can see the places where the teeth are coming. You might also be asked if everything feels okay before you leave.  Unfortunately, when your mouth is still numb, you can’t be sure if it feels okay or not, and you could go home with a filling that is a little high.

Constantly biting on a slightly high filling (even if it’s barely noticeable) will make your teeth hypersensitive and the pain does not typically go away on its own. However, the dentist can quickly and easily adjust the height of the filling to relieve the pressure. Within a day or so, the pain should go away.

Inflamed nerve. A very large or deep filling can aggravate a dental nerve that has already been traumatized by a cavity or a fracture. It’s normal for the nerve tissue to react in this way, and the tooth could become briefly sensitive, but the dentist will need to make sure that the dental nerve hasn’t begun to die. The treatment for a tooth with an irreversibly damaged nerve is root canal therapy.

Don’t ignore tooth sensitivity after a dental filling. Contact your Smithfield dentist today for more information.

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