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Should You Visit a Smithfield NC Dentist Every 3 Months?

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Calendar 3 MonthsHow often should you schedule your Smithfield NC dental visits? Perhaps you can recall a time in your life when you saw the dentist once each year or maybe you had routine cleanings every six months. Why might your dentist or hygienist now be recommending that you come in every 3 months?

Your dentist and hygienist are dedicated to helping you to hold on to your natural teeth for the rest of your life. They know that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, which is why a great deal of emphasis is placed on preventing or controlling the disease in the first place.

Periodontal disease leads to tooth loss by destroying the foundation that holds your teeth in place. Without adequate support, it is possible to lose an otherwise healthy tooth. To fight the infection, the first phase of treatment involves removing plaque bacteria and tarter from the crevices below the gumline. However, periodontal disease is a chronic or long term infection that cannot be “cured” with a deep cleaning alone.

While a deep cleaning (technically known as scaling and root planing) may keep periodontal disease under wraps initially, the bacteria will eventually accumulate in the pockets and crevices under the gums, and the infection will continue to destroy the bone and gum tissue around the teeth. Studies have shown that the infection can recur again in as few as 90 days!

You may not experience pain or discomfort at the moment that your periodontal disease becomes active again. That’s why it is so critical that you plan for regularly scheduled periodontal maintenance appointments every 3 months. If you have invested your time and money into the initial deep cleaning, and if you wish to maintain a high level of oral health for the rest of your life, these routine appointments are essential.

Combining your 3-month periodontal maintenance visits with good oral hygiene at home is a great way to protect and preserve your smile as well as your health for life. To book your 3 month appointment, contact your dentist in Smithfield NC today.

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