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Voice Your Concerns About Dental X-rays with a Smithfield NC Dentist

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Worried Man SmIt is nearly impossible to receive a thorough examination by a Smithfield NC dentist without dental X-rays—even if you only want to have your teeth cleaned. If you have been guilty of talking your way out X-Rays during your dental appointments, read these facts to find out what you’ve really been missing.

Below, we have listed some of the most common reasons that X-rays are declined by dental patients, followed by the truth about the X-ray process:

“Nothing is bothering me and nothing is hurting.” The vast majority of treatable and potentially serious dental conditions can be identified on dental X-rays even before they begin to cause pain for the dental patient. Small cavities, bone loss, and defective crowns are often visible on X-rays though they are rarely painful in the early stages.

“I don’t want to be exposed to too much radiation.” Modern X-ray techniques are so sophisticated that they produce a miniscule dose of radiation for the patient (or the dental staff!). Digital X-ray sensors are highly sensitive and require low doses of radiation. The X-ray machine is designed to produce a carefully focused beam which directs the radiation to a specifically defined area (1-3 teeth at a time) and prevents additional radiation from scattering to your face or body.

“Dental X-rays hurt my mouth and make me gag!” Dental x-rays are significantly more comfortable than they once were, since the digital sensors have rounded edges and softer corners. Patients with small mouths and sensitive gag reflexes find that digital sensors are easier to tolerate than the sharp X-ray films of the past.

“I’m in a hurry and I don’t have time for X-rays today.” Streamlined technology has made it possible to capture and save a complete series of dental X-rays in only a few minutes. A single sensor can be used throughout the mouth, it is not necessary to develop or process any X-ray film, and the images can be viewed by the dentist and saved to the patient chart immediately.

Get the complete picture of your oral health by visiting a dentist in Smithfield NC for your annual dental X-rays today.

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