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Win the Battle Against Brusixm

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Painful TeethBruxism is the medical name for teeth grinding and jaw clenching. These actions are something we all find ourselves doing from time to time. But people who suffer from bruxism regularly bite down hard and grind their teeth together, often while they’re asleep. Because these actions take place during slumber, bruxers often aren’t aware of what’s happening. They may awaken with a headache or sore jaw but not attribute it to nighttime teeth grinding. Over time, though, additional problems can occur that threaten oral health.

In Smithfield NC, people who suffer from bruxism have discovered non-surgical relief with customized treatment from Dr. James Oldham.

The Damage Inflicted by Teeth Grinding

The constant pressure and friction of bruxism eventually takes a toll on teeth. Think about it, night after night of clenching the jaw is bound to be harmful to the comfort and function of your smile. Bruxism can cause problems with the jaw joints and can wear down teeth, cause teeth to fracture, and even loosen teeth. Hearing problems have even been reported in people who suffer from severe bruxism.

Bruxism Solutions

A worn or fractured tooth can be restored with a restorative procedure such as a dental crown. But that crown won’t last if it’s subjected the pressure of teeth grinding. A loose tooth may have to be extracted and replaced with a prosthetic. Again, though, the solution won’t endure if the condition that caused the problem isn’t resolved.

So, what can you do? With the help of Dr. Oldham, you can put a stop to your nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching. The doctor helps people in Smithfield and surrounding areas by offering personalized care suited to the individual needs of each patient. Oftentimes, a custom-made nightguard puts an end to bruxism and delivers much-needed relief.

A nightguard is a custom-molded acrylic mouthpiece worn while you sleep. It prevents damaging grinding to protect your smile and ease pressure on stressed jaw and facial muscles. The doctor may also recommend some lifestyle changes, such as cutting back on caffeine and avoiding alcohol, to alleviate bruxism and put your smile back on the path to optimal health and function.

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Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Oldham. Together, we’ll battle bruxism to make your smile a winner!

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